Virus Management Information (UPDATED DAILY)

The visitor restriction will be in place until further notice.

We are following the policy of the Federal Government and State Department of Health.

For visitor hotline updates you may phone a pre-recorded message at 612-821-3200.

This message will be updated daily until we end our temporary hold on visiting.

To stay in contact with your loved one you may either:

Click here to send an email to your loved one via our email a loved one form, or Skype and FaceTime are available for video chats with your loved one,  if you are interested in this please contact Jae at 612-821-3491 to schedule. Additionally, special programming has been created for residents, click here for a complete list. Please note that we have not been affected by the recent rioting in and around Minneapolis.

We currently have six confirmed cases of COVID-19 on the COVID unit at Mount Olivet Careview and zero cases at Mount Olivet Home. Four residents have recovered from COVID-19. There are no residents hospitalized with COVID related challenges at this time. These six cases include 4 residents from Careview and 1 resident from Mount Olivet Home that have not had any symptoms and were identified through full facility testing.  Four residents have recovered from COVID-19. We have implemented the use of a designated COVID unit for any current positive residents at Mount Olivet Careview, as well as an observation unit for any suspected COVID cases. The COVID unit also allows specialized care and staffing to be available to meet the increased needs during this challenging time. Full facility testing of employees and residents was completed on Tuesday, May 26th.  Negative test results will not result in phone calls.  Our second round of full facility COVID testing will be on Tuesday, June 2nd.

It is important to us that we remain transparent during this pandemic to help our entire community remain aware of our challenges and our initiatives.

The loyalty and dedication of our staff has been clear in their daily dedication to the residents at both facilities.  Staff retention from October 1st has been 85% at Mount Olivet Careview and 96% at Mount Olivet Home.  The team members that residents and families have gotten to know over the years are here to ensure we are all doing the very best to protect your loved ones at our facilities.

Since April 1st we have had ten COVID-19 related resident deaths at Mount Olivet Careview and none at Mount Olivet Home.  Our condolences and our gratitude go out to each of these families that we have grieved with over this time.  Our residents are a second family to us and these deaths have been extremely heart breaking to our community.  Since April 1st we have had 9 employees test positive for COVID-19, and 7 have recovered.  We pride ourselves in being a close-knit community and these realities have both scared us and made us stronger together.

Thank you for your understanding, prayers and patience as we continue to mitigate this virus and initiate all actions to keep our residents and our staff as safe as possible.

Please see the link ( for the Minnesota Department of Health COVID-19 page. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of Congregate Care Facilities with Outbreaks by County.

“Being on the list does not mean that the facility is deficient in any way or has done something wrong any more than we would say that there was something done wrong by a family with a household member that has a case. These are our most vulnerable residents...Without the care and support of the staff who are working with them, we are going to have an additional crisis on our hands. It’s incumbent on all of us to understand that these facilities are working very hard to protect their residents and their staff, and we continue to work very closely with them to do everything possible to prevent the introduction and spread of the virus. However, with community transmission as it is, we should expect that many facilities will have cases, just as many work settings and families and households around the state have had and will have cases. We know that the risk of COVID-19 is general and widespread across all of our communities and why it is so very important that we practice social distancing and take those other protective measures in all areas of society. We need to be doing everything we can to protect the residents and employees at these facilities in particular.” MDH Commissioner, Jan Malcolm

  • Deliveries of sealed, non-perishable packages, cards, and flowers MAY be delivered to the facility.  These packages should be left in the vestibule of the Lyndale Avenue entrance between 7am and 7 pm, seven days per week.
  • We are working on bringing a unique way to accommodate family visits and we will update you with more in June.  We must first identify any asymptomatic carriers before we can move forward with safer visitation options.
  • Residents cannot be transported to the 1st floor for window visiting options during this pandemic.
  • We remain thankful that we have a sustainable inventory of personal protective equipment for our employees.
  • Employees must wear masks, face shields, and gowns for resident care areas at all times.
  • Residents have temperatures and oxygen saturation levels taken daily. and are continually monitored for any signs of psycho-social changes, spiritual needs, mental health, and physical status changes.  Masks are being used by residents to minimize any potential internal outbreak. 
  • Employees are also assessed prior to each shift to ensure that they do not have a temperature, have not worked in other COVID-19 positive units, and do not have signs or symptoms of illness. 
  • Employees must wear masks, face shields, and gowns for resident care areas at all times. while in the facility as a preventative measure to help in our infection control efforts.
  • Each employee has been assigned a color-coded designation that determines which unit they can work on, as well as which temporary break room they may use. 

Mount Olivet Home/Mount Olivet Careview follow standard protocols and procedures to prevent or limit the spread of infectious diseases within our buildings.

All Mount Olivet employees receive annual training on Infection Control policies and procedures and our Nursing Department/Infection Control Nurse continually monitor for the presence of any infectious outbreak (Norovirus, Coronavirus, Influenza and others) in the buildings.

For more information please visit:

Minnesota Department of Health –  

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention –


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