Volunteer of the Year (Mount Olivet Homes)

Bryan is one of our younger volunteers at Mount Olivet Homes.  He started out about 15/16 years ago on the CV Memory Care Unit with me as a junior high school student.  Bryan initially started volunteering back then because it was something good to do.  After many years, Bryan came back to us ago to assist the Therapeutic Recreation Department as well as assist residents to their eye/dental/ podiatry exams.  “I came back because being on disability frees me up to do other things such as volunteering and I’ve always had a good time with Mount Olivet.  Bryan thinks it is important that the younger generation volunteer because, “It means so much to those who benefit from it.  There is no organization that can budget to pay enough employees to be successful.”  Bryan volunteers because he feels appreciated at MOCVH and says, “I look forward to the times I get to volunteer.  Bryan chose to volunteer again at MOCVH because of the location, as he does not drive.  It is close to his home, so he walks here.  A favorite story Bryan shares,” One time I did dental escorts and I went to get a resident and said “I need to take you to the dentist” and the resident replied with a straight face saying, “Should I bring my teeth?”.

Bryan is always upbeat and positive, even when he himself is not always feeling the best.  He is dependable and treats out residents with respect and kindness.  I remember when he started years ago on CV 3rd floor with me, he always engaging with our memory impaired residents and didn’t see their disabilities or inabilities.  To this day, he continues to be a cherished part of our volunteer family at MOCVH.

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