Toddler Day Care Program

The toddler programs at Mount Olivet Day Services are divided into two classroom groups to serve the developmental needs of both younger and older toddlers. Our toddler programs give children the opportunity to develop and express their imaginations and curiosity. Each child is learning language and self-help skills and is given unlimited opportunities to practice these skills. Our small toddler class sizes allow for a generous amount of individual attention for each child.

The staff interacting with your toddler will play a vital role in his/her development. They are well trained to handle each child’s quickly changing moods and encourage independence in a positive manner. Every child in our toddler day care program is provided with individual attention from a consistent primary caregiver. Each child is given opportunities to interact and socialize with each other and establish a warm, trusting relationship with his/her primary caregiver.

The environment, both indoors and outdoors, are designed and arranged appropriately for toddlers. The program’s daily schedules reflect child-initiated activities in an anti-biased environment. Opportunities are provided for both quiet and active play. A major focus in our toddler day care program is developing and encouraging socialization skills and self-help skills.

Cooperation and communication are encouraged between the staff and parents to provide quality care for your developing toddler. A Toddler Daily Summary form is completed each day that reviews your child’s feeding, sleeping, diapering/toileting learning, disposition, and skills that your child is  acquiring.

Please contact us if we can serve you through our Toddler Care Program. We also offer Infant Day Care and Preschool Day Care at our Minneapolis Center.

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