Preschool Day Care Program

We are so excited to introduce you to our preschool day care program at Mount Olivet Day Services. We provide stimulating, challenging materials and activities for your child within a loving and nurturing environment. Our preschool program is designed to facilitate learning by being able to manipulate and explore the environment. The teachers and staff observe and guide children in a well-equipped environment.

The preschool staff provides warm, nurturing guidance to children that facilitate thinking and understanding. The staff promotes learning and assists children in formulating healthy, positive attitudes about themselves and others. The staff strives to meet the specific needs of the children, build upon their self-esteem and develop and promote positive parent/teacher relationships.

The curriculum is based on the concept that children learn best through play. The staff considers the interests of the children when planning the activities. Much learning occurs during projects initiated by the children. The environment is literary rich and activities promote an interest in reading and writing. The learning centers provide materials and activities that enhance physical, social, cognitive and emotional development. Field trips are important to our curriculum. Small group field trips include some of the adult participants.

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