Infant Day Care Program

When you first visit the Infant Rooms at Mount Olivet Day Services, you will notice the lack of typical baby equipment. Allowing babies the freedom to move on their own helps them to learn on their own without being stimulated or confined by adults. We believe that infants learn from experience, and we should all step back to allow that learning to happen. The educarers “sensitize themselves to their experiences.” (Porter). Our methods of care are based on the teachings of Magda Gerber, Dr. Emmi Pikler and Maria Montessori.

Infants are on their backs until they can roll to their tummies. We do not provide “tummy time.” Our reasons for this are based on research done in Europe about the tension that develops in an infant’s neck and shoulders when placed on the tummy before being able to roll there independently. The freedom of movement allowed by not placing babies into containers strengthens the muscles that “tummy time” works to attain. We do not place babies into positions that they cannot attain by themselves. This is all part of self-development.

The use of Primary Care Groups allows the educarers, babies and families to form relationships and strong attachments. Our educarers work closely with the parents to determine an individualized program for each infant.

Please contact us if we can serve you through our Infant Day Care Program. We also offer Toddler Day Care and Preschool Day Care at our Minneapolis Center.

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