COVID-19 Virus management

Full facility testing of employees and residents started in May and continues to be completed on a weekly basis in an effort to identify any COVID-19 positive individuals that do not show symptoms. We have implemented the use of a designated COVID unit for any current positive residents at Mount Olivet Careview, as well as an observation unit for any suspected COVID cases. The COVID unit also allows specialized care and staffing to be available to meet the increased needs during this challenging time.

***NEW CMS  requirement of twice weekly COVID testing***

The next facility wide testing will be Tuesday, 1 December and Friday, 4 December.

Resident Information:

1 positive case of COVID-19 on the COVID-19 unit at Mount Olivet Careview Home.

0 cases at Mount Olivet Home.

0 residents hospitalized with COVID-19 related challenges at this time.

32 residents have recovered from COVID-19.

13 COVID-19 related deaths since April 1.

Our condolences and our gratitude go out to each of these families that we have grieved with over this time.  Our residents are a second family to us and these deaths have been extremely heart breaking to our community.

Staff Information:

64 employees have tested positive for COVID-19 since April 1st.

61 employees  have recovered.

Infection Control

Mount Olivet Home/Mount Olivet Careview follow standard protocols and procedures to prevent or limit the spread of infectious diseases within our buildings.

All Mount Olivet employees receive annual training on Infection Control policies and procedures and our Nursing Department/Infection Control Nurse continually monitor for the presence of any infectious outbreak.

Our recent state infection control survey conducted by the Minnesota Department of Health

on November 20 showed no areas of concern.

We are aware of the compassionate caregivers guidance, as well as expanded indoor visitors guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health for nursing facilities.  We are required to have 14 consecutive days of no positive residents or staff in the building to expand to level 2 of the indoor visits.  When we get close to meeting that goal we will update the hotline with the date of planned opening.  Please understand this will require about 550 tests per week to be COVID free to be able to move to the level 2 for general opening.

The compassionate caregiver policy has been enacted and those individuals have been contacted.

We are following the policy of the Federal Government and State Department of Health.

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